How to Get Spoon-fed as a Beginner

As you probably know, being a beginner is by far the nastiest stage of learning to play guitar. Your hands, arms and back hurts, you sound like shit (or worse, you think you sound good), friends and relatives are cringing it up all over the place, and you’ve just realized that learning to play guitar, at least to a level where you’re getting laid regularly, is a shit-ton of work.

john petrucci
John Petrucci – not a hobo

Most beginners make the mistake of trawling YouTube for free lessons because they’re too tight/can’t be bothered to get a real teacher. Not only is this a time-consuming business – time you could be using to actually learn the guitar – but for every 100 schmucks teaching guitar on the internet, there are only one or two that are actually worth watching. What this means for unsuspecting beginners is that they’ll have to watch at least 10 videos to find one semi-decent one, by which time their brand-new Amazon starter pack will be gathering dust in a closet.

To avoid this immense waste of potential talent, it might be a good idea to get some schoolin’, and one of the best places to do that is of course Berklee, who have churned out some incredible players called John, such as John Scofield, John Petrucci, and John Mayer; AND who just happen to have an online course for beginners.

So, do yourself a favor and sign up for the Introduction to Guitar Course and get this stuff spoon-fed to you the right way. 

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