Now Learn This in All 12 Keys… Or Don’t Bother

I often wonder if there are people who, after learning some pattern or morsel of information on the guitar, really sit there and practice it in all 12 keys, I mean, just in case you have to play a blues in F# or get into a Pat Metheny cover band. Of course, if your guitar education is largely based on shapes, you can move them around to your heart’s content and easily change key… in theory… but in practice this is more than awkward.

Don’t worry though, the CAGED System has your lazy ass covered; not because it’s a system that facilitates playing in any key but because it helps you remember the only 5 keys guitarists play in: C, A, G, E, and D – major or minor. This is further evidenced by the great Spotify, as you can see in this chart of the most popular keys of all the songs on there.

learn in all 12 keys
Spotify calls bullshit on now learn this in all 12 keys

I was surprised to see C# Major all the way up there as this is a pretty nasty key, but it probably accounts for all the jazz fusion, out of tune blues records and/or Pat Metheny’s back catalogue.

Now you know what to do when faced with the, ‘now practice this in all 12 keys’, mantra.

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