How to Do the 100 Day Sweep-Picking Challenge in 10 Days

I’m sure you’ve seen videos relating to the cringe-fest that is the 100 Day Sweep-Picking Challenge, and the plethora of bedroom guitarists doing their best to master the holy grail of guitar technique, and for the most part failing spectacularly. 100 days (3 and a half months) to learn a technique is an insane amount of time, especially if you’re living rent-free in your parents’ basement, so why are most guitarists completely crap at it? And why do they post their cringe-worthy attempts at sweep-picking for the world to see?

What most guitarists don’t seem to understand is that sweep-picking is not a single technique – it is a combination of different techniques, or component parts, so to speak. Therefore, if you start from scratch, even with an easy-looking arpeggio, you’re going to die on your ass because you’re trying to learn AND SYNCHRONIZE four techniques at once. If you do it this way, it will take at least 100 days just to get started.

Let’s check out the component parts so you can this done in 10 days rather than 100.

1. Rest your fretting hand over the 12th fret harmonics and practice the sweeping motion over three strings with your picking hand. This is what it’s supposed to sound like, and more importantly, what your picking hand is supposed to be doing. You can just do this for a day or two if you like, we don’t want to strain ourselves or get too excited and upload a shitty sweep-picking video.

sweep picking challenge
Marty Friedman – definitely not a sweep-picker

2. Now work on your fretting hand movement. There’s a couple of things you can do here: One is practice a pattern that involves finger rolling (notes on adjacent strings played by the same finger), or practice one that doesn’t involve finger rolling to speed up the process, though you will have to learn it at some point if you want to get laid. For this part, JUST USE YOUR FRETTING HAND, even if it feels dumb. Do this for a day or two.

3. Now it’s time to synchronize all the components – this is the time-consuming bit but if you followed the previous steps it should just take another 4 or 5 days to get this going, so put the TV on and ass-print the sofa in your mom’s basement. Remember to eat.

You can probably see why trying to do the above all at once is painfully slow and frustrating, but thanks to these tips you’ll be mindlessly running up and down the fretboard at warp-speed in no time – just don’t overdo it.

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