Learn Everything All Over the Neck – Debunked

Guitar teachers are always banging on about learning every scale, chord and arpeggio in every position on the neck as if that were the holy grail of guitar virtuosity. As a lazy ass guitarist, you’ll want to question everything, especially stuff repeated mindlessly by guitar teachers that may involve a shit-ton of unnecessary woodshedding. The truth is that you can still get laid without knowing every single permutation of every single scale, arpeggio and chord on the fretboard; just check out the proof right here on these pawn shop fretboards:

worn fretboard

1. Check out this dude’s guitar; before he hocked it he practically had his first finger glued to the 12th fret and from thereon up he almost exclusively plowed the top three string when ripping out a solo (probably in E minor). This also confirms the well-known fact that no one knows or uses the notes between the 12th and 21st fret on the lower strings, and on no guitar is this ever going to be comfortable. Below the 12th fret this guy was obviously forced to play some rhythm as can be seen from the barre chord damage.

worn fretboard

2. Here’s a classic self-proclaimed lead guitarist’s fretboard with an almost exclusive use of the top three strings for wankery purposes. The unbelievable neglect of rhythm playing probably being what caused him to hock this beauty, either that or he decided to get a $5 relic job done on it.

worn telecasteer

3. Here’s another well-worn fretboard which again proves that most of the notes on the E and A strings, especially above the 12th fret, are merely decorative and have no real use for pro guitarists. The wear after the 21st fret is a little disturbing leading me to think that this guitar either belonged to a mechanic, or they went way overboard with the relicing job.

At the end of the day, you might want to think twice before creating a ton of extra work for yourself due to the redundant nature of the guitar fretboard, as proven by these pros who had to hock their guitars and get a real job.

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