How to Fill In the Gaping Holes in Your Playing

Every guitarist, whether they care to admit it or not, has gaps in their playing. These run from obvious things like not knowing the notes on the neck to gaping holes in theory knowledge and especially chordal playing. Chances are you know what you need to work on but have probably been avoiding it in favor of learning to sweep-pick, or buying more gear.

Before the internet, tools for learning guitar were high quality but scarce; nowadays we have the opposite problem where resources are abundant, but the quality is so low it’s almost in your mom’s basement and needs to be scraped off the floor like the week-old remnants of a bowl of Cheerios.

Filling in the gaping holes in your knowledge is by no means an easy feat because while you probably have some idea of the stuff you need to work on, there’s no real way to pin down exactly what you need to do to get laid more often. This is where online guitar courses come in to save your (and my) lazy ass from any further years of guitar mediocrity.

What we need then is a course that covers absolutely everything from beginner to advanced so that you can cherry pick the stuff you forgot or avoided learning, raise your game, and get more free breakfasts. There are two courses I’d like to share with you, and the good news is you can get them for about $15 right now.

First up is Michael Palmisano’s course entitled, ‘The Professional Guitar Masterclass‘, and the syllabus reads like an entire degree in music. This dude is a GIT graduate and good at explaining things, which is pretty much all you need. The course goes right from your first chords to the dizzy heights of jazz and fusion, and everything in between. There’s so much stuff in this course that you’ll know exactly what you need to work on to fill in those gaping holes. Watch a free preview and see what you think; you can also check out the entire syllabus.

Next up is Erich Andreas ‘Complete Guitar System – Beginner to Advanced‘, which again takes you from knowing nothing to knowing everything, as well as all the in between bits you might have overlooked or simply not been aware of until now. The progression of the syllabus here is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced which gives you an easy in to the course depending on your current skill level. Watch a free preview and check out the syllabus to see if it covers what you need to learn.

These are both great courses and have video, audio and PDFs galore, so whichever one you choose (or get them both at that price), you’ll be able to fill in those gaps without a) piecing together the most tolerable stuff from YouTube, or b) paying an overpriced guitar teacher to show you some drivel like the CAGED system.

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